Sports and Leisure

Sport Projects This division grew on the back of Al Raid's robust success in the landscaping and irrigation services business. Spurred by the company's initial success in undertaking a string of football turf projects, involving both natural and synthetic pitches, our specialist skills now encompass the design, construction, refurbishment and maintenance of a full range of sports and leisure related facilities, such as tennis/ basketball/ volleyball courts, squash courts, indoor multipurpose sports halls, indoor and outdoor climbing surfaces and structures as well as assorted playing surfaces.

Over the past decade, Al Raid has delivered a significant portfolio of international-standard sports and recreational projects around Oman. The list includes a number of stadiums and clubs undertaken on behalf of the Ministry of Sports Affairs across the country as well as multipurpose halls for upscale educational institutions.

With the aim to consolidate its presence in the sports and leisure domain, Al Raid is preparing to diversify into other specialist products and services such as high-quality seating, LED scoreboards and side panels for stadiums. The company has already made steady inroads into industrial and hardwood floorings and is now looking at positioning itself as a leading supplier of solid wood and specialist floorings for commercial and residential requirements. We are the exclusive representatives of some of the best international brands in Oman. Supported by a network of international professionals, Al Raid has proven track record in delivering superior solutions to suit every customer's specific needs.

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