Landscaping and Irrigation

Landscaping and Irrigation Landscaping has been elevated into an art form over the years. Starting with a modest-size project in 1991, the company has since grown into one of the largest providers of landscaping and irrigation services in the Sultanate of Oman.

As a full-service company, we offer a full spectrum of irrigation and landscaping services – spanning design and construction to installation and maintenance. Softscaping , the art of enlivening interiors and living spaces through a choice of potted and other plantings, is one of our specialities. But hardscaping – the art of transforming a dull courtyard or fallow ground into a luxurious lawn or splendid garden – is our forte. A significant majority of Muscat's landmarks – be they government institutions or commercial developments – are adorned with gardens and lawns created and maintained by Al Raid.

As a company with strong eco-credentials, Al Raid is now branching out into organic farming and water-efficient irrigation services. It has tied up with companies around the world offering innovative concepts.

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